Diabetes Free: A Peer Review

diabetes free review picDespite often being viewed as trivial, diabetes a serious illness that requires a comprehensive management plan. It’s common knowledge that being overweight contributes to the onset of type II diabetes, a dysfunction of the metabolism where cells in the body become resistant to the action of insulin. In light of this, many programs have set-out to address the problem through diet and exercise initiatives. The latest program to tackle the burgeoning problem is diabetes-free. A great article on the product diabetes free has generally met the product with praise, despite noting a few shortcomings which may deter prospective customers. Overall however, the program offers a novel treatment approach and actively encourages lifestyle changes, which should be applauded.

Forskolin Reviewed: A Weight Loss Wonder Drug?

Forskolin reviewedForskolin has caused quite a stir on television and social media since it’s testimonial by Dr. Oz last year as a fat burning wonder-drug. However, as is so often the case, such claims need to be scrutinized in the cold light of scientific inquiry before mainstream distribution into the consumer marketplace. A new review by The Clean Eating Mama (link) has already cast doubt on some of Dr Oz’s claims by pointing out that only 2 studies have thus far examined forskolin’s effects on humans – not nearly enough to draw any type of conclusion about it’s efficacy. At this point in time, forskolin should be treated with caution as it is still unclear how side effects may manifest and interact with other prescription medications. With more research already in the pipeline, the next few years should help bring forskolin and it;s effects into clearer focus.

Diets That Work for Women: A Review of the Literature

diets that work: a reviewResearch publications have cited Paleo, low-carb and other diet plans to lose weight. Research from UCLA casts new doubt on the efficacy of long-term dieting, however. According to lead researcher Traci Mann, while you can lose approximately 5-10% of your total body weight by following any number of available diets, the majority of people will often regain the weight, plus more. These findings were based on a review of 31 long-term studies and while this undoubtedly paints a bleak picture on the effectiveness of dieting, there are reasons behind why dieting may in fact be even worse. Future research will look at whether a combination of diet and exercise provides a more favorable result. You can read more at leanrunnerbean.com