The CAST Cooperative Research Centre (CAST CRC) and its earlier iterations existed from 1993 to June 2013.  Whilst it attempted to build on its success by continuing beyond CRC program funding (which finished in June 2012), it was financially not possible and it has been decided to wind down operations. 

Its vision was to build and transform industry with new technologies and intellectual capital.  It conducted industry-driven research in metals technology, bringing together industry and researchers. Its aim was to help Australian companies meet the challenges of globalisation by improving their efficiency, decreasing their costs and developing technologies and processes that allow them to exploit new niche markets.

At the end of its life it had 17 active licenses for commercialization of technologies, 69 patents granted, with 36 patents pending and 26 other patents were granted that were subsequently allowed to lapse. 

From 2005-2012 it delivered $9M in productivity improvements and cost savings, $60M from additional profit on the sale of manufactured product, saved $15M from deferred capital investment, enabled $24M in sales of equipment that incorporated CAST technologies and saved 108ktonnes of CO2 emssions. 

54 PhD students graduated from the CAST program with 20 more still completing their theses, 15 masters and other postgraduate degrees and delivered 106 short courses to industry.  CAST researchers also published 535 articles in refereed journals, 442 refereed conference papers and produced 587 technical reports.

Whilst CAST the organization will be wound up in June 2013, the knowledge will live on in its people who are moving onto new ventures.  It is the hope of the CAST board and those who participated in the activities of CAST that its outcomes will be used to positively contribute to our society.

For more information please contact:

Mark Easton - CAST CEO (Monash University)

+61 3 9905 3895

David St John - former CAST CEO and scientific advisor (University of Queensland)

+61 7 3365 3641

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CAST CRC Annual Report 2010-11